daily meditation

Last month I made a decision to meditate daily for the whole month.  For the 31 days of August I woke early or found time during the day to sit in quiet for some period of time.  Actually there were only a couple of times I missed time in the morning.  Typically I woke a little early, read a prompt for the day from The Book of Awakening, and then sat quietly for 10 minutes or so.  

There were days I wrote for a bit afterwards but most of the time I didn’t.  I tend to struggle writing when I’m not moved to or have something to get off my mind. My goal was to meditate daily and make that a habit. Practice finding the peace and quiet so when I need it I’m able to find it or feel it more easily.  It wasn’t a hassle or difficult to do daily at all in fact it became something I looked forward to.  

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As promised earlier this week on Instagram, my matcha follow-up.  If you’re on Instagram and you don’t already, come follow me here.

I was introduced to matcha a couple of years ago and was curious so I decided to try it.  At times I wanted a little extra energy boost in the morning but wanted to keep my caffeine intake low and matcha did just the trick.  It isn’t that having caffeine is all bad it is just how and when people decide to consume it that can give them trouble at times.

You see when we go all night without eating or drinking our bodies naturally go into an acidic state.  What we break our fast with can really impact our bodies.  This is why many will have a glass of water or warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.  Having something like water before a cup of coffee sets you up for better health.

Personally having too much caffeine or too often leaves me feeling on edge and a bit jittery, no good.  So matcha is a much better choice for me and as I enjoy the benefits I realize that it makes me feel GOOD.  read more

In the space…you get to choose.


So something happened today, something that should have rocked me a bit, something that would have sent me in a spin any other day.  Thinking, planning, stressing, worrying, and taking immediate action. It doesn’t really matter what it was that happened but it wasn’t super positive.read more

An amazing new nutrition line….

As a holistic health consultant over the years as I’ve worked with clients one on one as well as in group workshops I’ve been  asked about what I eat, what supplements I use and what are the products that I recommend.  What do I use for this or for that?  And although I’ve tried a variety of nutrition products I’ve never been comfortable recommending any unless I’ve used them personally or had direct experience with them for my family.

I had my favorite items but I sometimes found it difficult to help or give advice because I wasn’t entirely thrilled with even what I was using. So I was really excited when I learned of this amazing nutrition line.  Once I tried the products and researched the quality of ingredients that went into making them I was in.  I started to incorporate a few into my life daily and I quickly fell in love.  Not only with how good the products were but with how I felt.       read more

The easiest way to healthier, younger skin

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How much water we need and how to consume has long been a topic of discussion among those in the fitness community, nutrition and medical field. As with nutrition there are many schools of thought and theories behind what is needed, how much and when is the best time to drink water.
I grew up drinking water as my typical drink. I didn’t drink milk or soda as a rule until I was older so water was never difficult for me to consume. But learning Ayurveda changed the way even I consume water actually it was one of the easiest adjustments made and most significant lesson I learned from Ayurveda.

I’ve read that we lose 3-4 liters of fluids each day so getting enough water is crucial to replenish and stay properly hydrated. When we’re not hydrated it can affect our circulation, our digestion, our elimination and our energy.
Proper hydration results in healthier skin, our lymph system working efficiently and it aids in muscle growth by feeding our cells.read more