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How much water we need and how to consume has long been a topic of discussion among those in the fitness community, nutrition and medical field. As with nutrition there are many schools of thought and theories behind what is needed, how much and when is the best time to drink water.
I grew up drinking water as my typical drink. I didn’t drink milk or soda as a rule until I was older so water was never difficult for me to consume. But learning Ayurveda changed the way even I consume water actually it was one of the easiest adjustments made and most significant lesson I learned from Ayurveda.

I’ve read that we lose 3-4 liters of fluids each day so getting enough water is crucial to replenish and stay properly hydrated. When we’re not hydrated it can affect our circulation, our digestion, our elimination and our energy.
Proper hydration results in healthier skin, our lymph system working efficiently and it aids in muscle growth by feeding our cells.

So how should you consume water and does it really matter? Well, it does to some degree. Just guzzling it down will get it into you but you won’t absorb it properly and it will likely be quickly eliminated.
So I thought I’d share what I’ve learned….inspired mostly from Ayurveda.

sit to drink
Just as you should when you eat, sitting will aid your digestion much more than standing, walking or moving and multi-tasking mostly because it forces you to slow down and allows your body to focus on what you’re doing.

drink when thirsty
Thirst is a natural urge and shouldn’t be ignored. However don’t just drink when thirsty, use urine color as an indicator of whether you’re hydrated or not. When you are sufficiently hydrated it will appear light yellow.

drink between meals not with your meal
This is a very important lesson from Ayurveda…when you drink while eating a meal you dampen your digestive fire so your digestion won’t be optimal.  If possible stop drinking water 30 min before you plan to eat and wait 30 min after to resume drinking.

drink water slowly, sipping it 
We already touched on this one, no chugging it down.

Ok, so I’ve saved my most important tip for last….my most impactful lesson upon learning Ayurveda……

drink room temperature water NOT cold or iced water
This is the same idea as not drinking during your meals. When we drink ice cold drinks and eat cold food we weaken our agni or digestive strength. A weakened digestive system could cause excess gas and bloating, stomach discomfort and keep you from properly digesting and assimilating your food. As soon as I made this change alone I felt like it was so much easier to drink as much water as I like to get in daily. I just fill water bottles at the end of the day and let them sit overnight so the water is room temp the next day when I’m ready to drink.

Maybe this will get you thinking about drinking more water if you’re not already.  No matter what your sport or activity of choice, hydration will improve performance and recovery.  So fill up your bottle and carry it around with you.  And if you want to give your digestion a boost incorporate warm water or tea into your day.



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