3 ways to feel better this season

The winter months can be tough for some at times.  The qualities of Kapha season can overwhelm if not kept in check. Cold, wet, heavy, dull and dense are the qualities that make up kapha and if you’re in the Northeast you can likely relate to these qualities when you consider the weather this time of year.  The cold.  The heavy, wet, dense snow and the dull cloudiness some days bring.  Since these qualities are so present during the season it’s easy to become overwhelmed by them. As taught in Ayurveda, like increases like, so to keep the overwhelm away one needs to incorporate qualities opposite to those of kapha.

This is the time of year people tend to hibernate.  If kapha becomes out of balance one may feel sluggish, heavy, depressed, have weight gain or suffer with respiratory issues.    

So I’m giving you 3 simple ways to help navigate this season. And keep kapha in balance.

  1. Don’t go for the comfort foods too often.

     Too many heavy, dense foods or a diet high in dairy, gluten and fried foods during this

     season especially can lead to a kapha imbalance.  Weight gain,  respiratory congestion,

     sluggish energy and depressed moods are all evidence of kapha imbalance.

  1.   Keep moving.

     It’s easy to justify skipping the gym or workout because of the weather or the idea that  

     staying in a warm bed is more attractive than braving the cold but this is the most important  

     time of year to keep to your workout routine.  Consistency is essential to those that contain a

     lot of kapha as part of their individual make-up especially.

  1.  Baby your digestion.  

    Your digestion plays a big role in you staying healthy all the time but especially this season.     

    Not only does our gut health impact the strength of our immunity but it impacts our mental

    health as well.  And since this is the season one can tend toward lethargy, hibernation and

    even depression that is important.      

To be honest writing this piece took me way longer than it should have because I needed it too.  I got a little stuck and it took some time to feel the push to get going again. And yes I have implemented all of these.….finally.




  1. Margaret McCue says:

    This is a great reminder. I have spent the last year suffering with gut health issues and learning so much.

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