The Philosophy

I believe in a complicated-sounding philosophy that’s really just a simple concept: Ayurveda.

Regarded as the world’s oldest healing science originating in India a long, long time ago—we’re talking some 5,000 years!—Ayurveda (eye-yer-vay-da), translates as the ‘science of life.’ The science part? Not as science-y as it sounds. Rather, it just means that every natural system has a natural balance. Just as the ocean has a process in place that allows it to cleanse itself, you do, too.

The tricky part? Figuring out what that is.

Because as humans, we’re all different. From your hair color to your skin texture to how tall you are, you probably aren’t the same as your girlfriend, or your boss, or your neighbor. And just like you aren’t the same on the outside, neither are you on the inside. Therefore, what may work for your girlfriend, your boss or your neighbor in terms of feeling good? Maybe the same thing that hinders you from feeling the same.

Ayurveda helps you learn what your own body needs in order to thrive once more. And here at Truly Thriving, I’ll arm you with clear, simple, key concepts that you can start implementing in your life today—and start feeling like your old self tomorrow.

Reassuring, isn’t it?


About Amber Allen, Founder


I’m Amber, and I’m the creator of Truly Thriving.

As a child, my summers were a heady mix of fresh air, the sun on my skin and the crisp snap of organic vegetables that grew in our garden. My sister and I would sprint through our large backyard, stopping only to catch our breath and snack on a tomato here, a cucumber there. Thanks to the wisdom of our mother, we didn’t eat white flour or sugar, but instead got to have a day in which we fasted on a fruit of our choosing. (Sound torturous? It was anything but.) In the evenings my mom often created mouth-watering new meals based on what we retrieved from the garden that day. It was like a game—only better.

When we did get sick, a natural, alternative treatment was the fix. Everything from a hot bath to a tablespoon of olive oil to garlic between our toes was the remedy used. The benefits to this natural approach to thriving were quickly made evident in the positive changes that took place in the health of our family.

Today, I’ve taken those same principles, combined with the science of Ayurveda, and use them to help women around the world remember what it’s like to get back to basics—and back to themselves.

Because anywhere else?

Isn’t truly you.

And when you’re not truly you, you can’t truly thrive.

Instead, you just survive.


I want you to feel alive.

And together, you will.