An amazing new nutrition line….

As a holistic health consultant over the years as I’ve worked with clients one on one as well as in group workshops I’ve been  asked about what I eat, what supplements I use and what are the products that I recommend.  What do I use for this or for that?  And although I’ve tried a variety of nutrition products I’ve never been comfortable recommending any unless I’ve used them personally or had direct experience with them for my family.

I had my favorite items but I sometimes found it difficult to help or give advice because I wasn’t entirely thrilled with even what I was using. So I was really excited when I learned of this amazing nutrition line.  Once I tried the products and researched the quality of ingredients that went into making them I was in.  I started to incorporate a few into my life daily and I quickly fell in love.  Not only with how good the products were but with how I felt.       

So, I’m thrilled to partner with Life’s Abundance and share these amazing products with all of you. I’ll be sharing more about each one individually going forward but for now if you have an interest check them out here.  

If you have any questions please reach out to me at….for the month of February I’m including a special Ayurveda inspired gift with every order.  Thank you for always supporting me and continuing to let me into your lives.


xo,   Amber







Since I am an independent field representative for Life’s Abundance I make money when you purchase products by following links on this page.  But I truly love these products and this company which is why I choose to partner with them.  And I would never recommend or endorse anything I don’t use myself and fully believe in.

I love hearing from you!