Dairy-free chocolate mousse




Happy almost Valentine’s Day!  Just a quick idea for a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day if you’re game. 
I’m always looking for creamy delicious dairy-free alternatives for my little ones but they are quite particular in their tastes so it isn’t always an easy feat.  This recipe was appealing on all counts as it had few ingredients all of which I had on hand (always a bonus), involved coconut and was a hit with both my children.  In fact, the consensus was that it was actually a bit too chocolatey.       We decided that next time I should put a bit less of the cocoa or perhaps mixing it with some whipped coconut cream to lighten the whole mousse in general (ok, that one was my idea, wish I thought of it sooner).read more

sweet holiday goodness; a recipe

For the past few years I’ve been making a bar cookie of sorts for friends and family as a little extra with their gift.  The ingredients are very simple and affordable,  the recipe is very very easy and quick but they are not very healthy.  Not healthy at all.

This idea troubled me last year but without taste testing some healthier versions I didn’t want to give them as gifts.  This year I decided to test out some delicious looking cookies made with more wholesome ingredients.  The first is a Chocolate Nut Butter Bar I found on Veggie Kids.  It happens to be vegan and wheatfree (depending on the cereal used) and sweetened only with brown rice syrup and maple syrup.read more

Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies: a recipe

This recipe is one that I pulled from a very old Oxygen Magazine, ripped out and stored for another day.  Now that I’ve stumbled across it more than a year later, it seems time to try it out.  I was attracted to the ease of the recipe, the simple ingredients and the fact that I think my children will enjoy them as much as myself.  While sugar is something I try not to use too often moderation is key and with a good organic almond butter, this cookie can be a sweet treat as well as a sustaining snack.  They were certainly a hit, lasted only a couple of days in the house and I’ve gotten a request to make them again already.read more

Healthy Yum Super food Bars

We sometimes struggle in my house to find snacks that are easy, tasty, new and healthy.  With my new love of hemp seeds and desire to try out my chia seeds this recipe was just the one to try.  I found it on a random site and revised it just a bit to suit our tastes.  Both the kids and I liked them a lot though next time I’d probably add a little more chocolate chips and put a little less honey in.read more