3 ways to feel better this season

The winter months can be tough for some at times.  The qualities of Kapha season can overwhelm if not kept in check. Cold, wet, heavy, dull and dense are the qualities that make up kapha and if you’re in the Northeast you can likely relate to these qualities when you consider the weather this time of year.  The cold.  The heavy, wet, dense snow and the dull cloudiness some days bring.  Since these qualities are so present during the season it’s easy to become overwhelmed by them. As taught in Ayurveda, like increases like, so to keep the overwhelm away one needs to incorporate qualities opposite to those of kapha.

This is the time of year people tend to hibernate.  If kapha becomes out of balance one may feel sluggish, heavy, depressed, have weight gain or suffer with respiratory issues.    read more

What is Ojas?

Ojas is known as our vigor, our power.  Ayurveda teaches it is our immunity, our vitality, our luster.  The extra umph we feel when we’re taking care of ourselves and it is strong. When ojas is low we can feel weak, anxious and unstable and when ojas is high we are confidant and exude that luster.

Ojas is actually what is left over after all that we consume and how we live is digested through our tissues.  Ojas is built when we are rejuvenating rather than pushing ourselves too far.read more

For you; my best advice


Alright, I suppose I don’t know if it’s really my best but over time as I’ve worked with clients and performed workshops this is the advice I’ve gotten the most feedback on.  Positive feedback, great feedback. These are simple steps that can easily be implemented and have yielded the best results both for myself personally as well as those I’ve worked with.

So, I thought I’d put them together for an easy go to guide.read more

Surviving the winter months with Ayurveda

IMG_1954The winter months in the cold weather can truly take a toll …. we’re cooped up, inundated with more than a few heavy dark days and its our nature to retreat.  Kapha season brings with it the qualities of kapha which are heavy, moist, cold, wet and dense.  If you think about the weather and what happens this time of the year (in the Northeast at least) it makes perfect sense.  The snow, the cold, the darker days of winter bring these qualities into our everyday life so its important to balance accordingly.

All too often if we’re susceptible to it this is the time of year many see excess weight gain, a tendency to hibernate and hunker down indoors foregoing their normal activities, cravings for heavy comfort foods and more sad days and depressive tendencies.    To best counter the heaviness of the season I shared a few tips at a local workshop recently and wanted to pass the information on to you as well.read more

Turmeric, the golden spice


I’ve been sharing this information and recipe with several people lately from friends and family to the clients I work with and it finally dawned on me that I should share it with you as well.  The more I learn about turmeric the more I realize we all can benefit from having it in our diet on a regular basis.

Known in India and Ayurveda world as the golden spice or the spice of life it has been said that is it an all purpose cleanser for the body.  Also used in Chinese Medicine turmeric is an orange/yellow root in the ginger family with the active healing ingredient curcumin.read more