daily meditation

Last month I made a decision to meditate daily for the whole month.  For the 31 days of August I woke early or found time during the day to sit in quiet for some period of time.  Actually there were only a couple of times I missed time in the morning.  Typically I woke a little early, read a prompt for the day from The Book of Awakening, and then sat quietly for 10 minutes or so.  

There were days I wrote for a bit afterwards but most of the time I didn’t.  I tend to struggle writing when I’m not moved to or have something to get off my mind. My goal was to meditate daily and make that a habit. Practice finding the peace and quiet so when I need it I’m able to find it or feel it more easily.  It wasn’t a hassle or difficult to do daily at all in fact it became something I looked forward to.  

Meditating doesn’t have to be a big deal and just like anything in life when you practice it it becomes easier.  If you’re someone that has a lot of trouble quieting your mind to sit in meditation I hate to tell you this but you probably need it the most. There are so many ways to meditate there will likely be a method that works for you.  So in case you’re new to the process and want to try it I thought I’d give you some ideas to start with.

Start with a guided meditation.  Some find guided meditations an easier way to begin since they give you something to listen to and focus on other than your own thoughts. The first I began with because I saw a link for a free trial was the Deepak Chopra & Oprah series.  It is good as long as you enjoy listening to their voices.

And one of my favorites for just about anything is Gabby Bernstein.  She is offering a free 4 manifesting meditation series now here.   

Use a mantra with your breath.  One of my favorite yoga teachers used to end class with a guided meditation and she would use a mantra creatively.  So hum is where we began. She would have us think so while inhaling and think hum while exhaling.  So hum translates as I am, that in and of itself is powerful.  But as we relaxed, inhaled so and exhaled hum she would insert other words and statements for us to think about.  Inhale love, exhale fear, inhale compassion, exhale judgment, inhale lightness, exhale darkness, something like that.  

Read a promptI mentioned the book I used for the month of August, The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. I read through the daily prompt for each day then sat in meditation but in the past I’ve just flipped through the book or a similar one and opened up to a random page trusting that the message was one I needed.  

I have also meditated in my car many times as well as outside in the yard or at a park.  It truly doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need a quiet place you feel safe relaxing in and closing your eyes for a bit.

I wrote a little something about meditation here too if you’d like to take a look along with a couple other daily habits I’ve incorporated here and there.

If you have any meditation resources that you love, please share them below.  

happy meditating xo

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