Detox daily without changing your diet

meditation2We’re now well into the New Year and many who’ve made resolutions or intentions to change may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Making change isn’t easy.  I’ve read it takes at least 21 days to change a habit, 21 days of consistently carrying out the behavior you want to instill.  Whether you made grand plans at the start of the New Year or you’re just now feeling a change is needed maybe these simple steps will interest you.  They have made a world of difference in my life and were quite easily adopted.

Detox easily every day with three steps;

1. Oil pulling.  Oil pulling is a cleansing practice introduced through Ayurveda with many healing and cleansing benefits to the body.  Oil pulling is the act of swishing oil in your mouth after waking up in the morning and actually pulling the oil through your teeth and around your mouth.  The process ‘pulls’ bacteria from your mouth and teeth so they aren’t hanging around in your mouth or worse yet ingested by you.  For more details on the steps to follow you can check out my article here.  I recommend starting with 5-10 minutes for a week and see if you notice any changes.  Perhaps you’re sleeping better, sinus pressure and congestion is relieved, aches and pains in the body are feeling a lot better and of course your teeth will certainly be whiter and brighter.

2.  Tongue Scraping.  Toxins or ama that the body has accumulated tend to settle and build up on the tongue overnight while we’re sleeping.  You may notice a white thickish coating on your tongue in the morning and notice especially if you’re sick with a virus.  Again, as noted above, we don’t want these in our mouth with the chance to possibly ingest which is where scraping the tongue comes in.  Just like we brush our teeth scraping the tongue with a stainless steel scraper or even a spoon if you don’t want to invest in a scraper can be easily adopted.  You simply scrape from the back of the tongue forward until you’ve scraped the entire tongue then rinse your scraper as well as your mouth.

3.  Meditation.  We take the time to clean our bodies each day to begin fresh and new but we don’t always cleanse and clear our mind before beginning a new day.  Dr. Vasant Lad teaches that during ancient times meditation was considered a way of life.  It was not separate from daily living but as a discipline.  A discipline that was practiced and studied but once it was mastered that stays with us in every aspect of our life.  Just like a sport, a musical instrument or a workout when we practice it becomes easier and easier to achieve, to find that place of quiet and calm. Depending who you are your meditation could be a walk outside, a yoga practice, listening to a guided meditation or quiet music or yes, sitting silently in a chair or on the floor with your eyes shut.  I suggest if you’re new to meditation or want to begin and struggle with keeping your mind from dwelling on all your thoughts you may want to start with a guided meditation.  There are so many great meditations out there but I’ve referenced one of my favorites here and another one for my son here. Wherever you are is actually exactly where you should be today at this moment.  But if you’re looking to make some changes, invite more calm and boost your immunity, I hope you find these tips helpful. If you enjoyed this post or know someone who needs to see it please like and share it or if you’d like to make sure you receive my latest happenings please sign up here. much love, Amber


  1. Peggy McCue says:

    I scrape my tongue but have not tried the oil pulling.
    Meditation….yes, slow town and take time to center me…working on that!

    • Peggy, I was actually going to message you. Just the other day I read that someone had jaw pain and TMJ pain relief from oil pulling, at least that is what she attributed it to. Perhaps worth a try. We’re all working on slowing down or should be. I’m putting together a guide to meditation which will offer some resources as well.

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