If you cannot eat it, don’t put it on your skin. A DIY mask

One of my favorite cleansers, for years, has been plain, full fat yogurt. The lactic acid in the yogurt is a great, mild, skin brightening and anti-inflammatory cleanser for sensitive pitta skin.  Whenever I’ve needed to re-boot my skin I’ll return to cleaning with yogurt or I’ll make an easy non-invasive scrub by mixing ground oatmeal into the yogurt and applying to my face.

But the DIY treatment I decided to make the other night was one for extra moisturizing and skin softening and tightening.  My skin was feeling a little dry and flaky and I thought the honey and oils in this mask would be just the humectants I needed.

The recipe is one I found in an old notebook then had to search online to get the measurements so where it originally came from, I have no idea.  All the ingredients were in my cabinet or refrigerator and I was able to whip together in no time.

2 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp honey

1 tsp olive oil

1 egg yolk


Mix together into a paste-like substance.

Once face is clean, apply mixture and rub into the skin.

Leave on overnight and wash off with warm water in the morning.

Use 4-7 nights in a row then once a week.

The mixture will dry on your face and although it feels slightly strange sleeping in it, it isn’t at all uncomfortable.  It’s left my face soft and smooth after just two applications and I love that I could eat all the ingredients if I chose to.



xo, amber

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