Surviving the fall, vata season

vatapost Dr. Vasant Lad shared recently his tips and recommendations for the autumn season.  A few of those mentioned were;

– to avoid dry, rough food like nuts and popcorn

– avoid fasting or skipping meals

– avoid iced or cold drinks

– avoid late nights

– avoid exposure to cold and wind

The way we transition from season to season as we enter Vata season, a season of transition, is important in order to keep the natural vata qualities within each of us in balance. Here in the Northeast a typical autumn day may begin chilly and damp only to warm up significantly with the afternoon sun.  The inconsistency, mobility and variety of the fall is exactly what we want to curb in our own daily lives.

And because like increases like we want to limit or even steer clear of some of the qualities of vata (dry, cold, light, hard and rough) with our food and lifestyle choices.

Here are the top tips I implement for my family and clients looking to steady their vata.

Keep a routine.  I know, I know I preach this one ALL the time but it is just so impactful and easy once you give it a try.  As much as possible go to bed and wake up around the same time each day as well as have your meals about the same time each day.  Just as a classroom of children as a whole tend to need structure so do our bodies.

Stay warm.  This is a big one especially if you’re prone to increased vata.  Keeping your body protected against the wind and chill that autumn brings will help keep you healthy throughout the winter months as well.  Begin with using a warming oil (like sesame) as a moisturizer or to perform an oil massage, keep your neck covered from the chill and include warm, grounding foods into your diet like broths, soups, spiced steamed vegetables, sweet potatoes and squash.

Add some spice.  This has to be my favorite practice.  Nothing makes me happier when it’s cold than a owl of slow cooked oatmeal with cinnamon and cardamom or making ginger or cinnamon tea.  There are many delicious spices that I am continually sneaking into meals in my house.  The ones I use the most are cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger and garlic most of which are good for digestion are warming and decrease vata.

I hope these ideas help as we transition into the fall.  Let me know what you do to ease into the next season.

And please reach out to me if you have any questions.



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