For you; my best advice


Alright, I suppose I don’t know if it’s really my best but over time as I’ve worked with clients and performed workshops this is the advice I’ve gotten the most feedback on.  Positive feedback, great feedback. These are simple steps that can easily be implemented and have yielded the best results both for myself personally as well as those I’ve worked with.

So, I thought I’d put them together for an easy go to guide.

One of the first things I learned when studying Ayurveda was that our digestion truly rules our health.  If we want to be our healthiest we need to keep our digestion at its best.  The quickest and easiest change I implemented to support this was eliminating very cold or ice water from my life.  When we consume ice-cold beverages especially when we do so with food we dampen our natural digestive fire.  If you’re someone who has a strong digestion this may not affect you immediately but if you don’t then you are continually doing yourself a disservice.

Consuming room temperature water or even warm water to stoke digestion was an easy move for me.   I began filling a water bottle at night before bed and in the morning it was room temperature and ready to drink.  Once I started this practice I found it was easier for me to consume more water and in no time I didn’t even want cold water, it was too cold, too hard to drink.  Give your digestion a boost with this simple change.

Another Ayurvedic secret I learned of and I’ve shared countless times is the use of sesame oil.  Yup, just regular organic plain (non-toasted) sesame oil you can find at most grocery stores or health food stores.  Although there are many uses the one I’ve recommended is massaging sesame oil onto the soles of the feet before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep.  This practice is especially helpful for those who tend toward anxiety or worry or have trouble falling or staying asleep.  To read more about it, check out my piece here.

My final tip and most surprisingly accepted is turmeric or turmeric paste.  For those who suffer with joint pain specifically or for athletes that may over train or any one who suffers with inflammation turmeric is the answer.  It’s not for the faint of heart though, it is quite a bitter spice but you should quickly acclimate and take it easier in time.  I wrote about it already here and I can tell you that I’ve made and shared the turmeric paste many times for skeptical folks that have noticed the benefits within a couple of weeks.  I’d make it for you too.

So there it is.  My best Ayurvedic advice…. get hydrated while easing your digestion, ease your mind and sleep like a baby and tend to your aches and pains so you can live fully.


Let me know how you do.


xo, Amber



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