Amber has helped me overcome newly developed anxieties and some long time issues that have plagued me.  Her recommended plan has been easy to follow and implement into my daily life.  Her warm, friendly smile instantly puts you at ease….she has opened my eyes to possibilities, solutions and answers that I never considered.

Karen Skiba
insurance professional  


Love getting your words of wisdom. Each time I read a new post, it’s a wake up call to how I should be caring for my body…and soul.  I can’t wait for more.

Mena Zarrelli
teacher, mom, domestic engineer


    This was a great cleanse, I learned a lot about myself and my habits.  It made me feel light and clear-headed.  Thank you so much Amber                                                                                              

Meg Allen
yoga teacher


I have been practicing yoga for many years and had such an intense focus on the asana and meditation practice that I failed to consider the effects of my food intake and how this too, can impact my being.  And let me clarify, this wasn’t about the idea of not eating “junk food,” I think I eat fairly well; it was about understanding who I am, how I am and what my body needs to live in a more balanced way.

 When I met with Amber, I was able to better understand ME.  Not just my physical flexibility/strength or mental/emotional side, but my dosha.   It was really neat to see how very aligned Amber’s insights are to who I am and what I needed.  Amber is very comfortable to be around, which helps people feel secure in sharing information with her.  She is kind and helpful and genuinely cares for her clients.

She created for me a sample “diet” – not to lose weight- but to balance me out.  I made significant changes to my meals based on this feedback and have found more balance. I actually feel better after I eat.  I have and continue to recommend Amber to anyone who is in need or seeking a more balanced, comfortable life.

Elex Scheels
OM Frog Yoga