Go gluten-free; a giveaway

As promised, more information to consider and my very exciting giveaway, a gluten-free renewal cleanse, you have 3 more days to enter.

I’ve had an interesting relationship with gluten one I didn’t take very seriously until now.  What I’ve learned as of late has opened my eyes to so many other issues associated with gluten that I wasn’t even aware of.  Where to start?  Well, what is gluten?  For those of you that aren’t familiar gluten is a protein composite found in products made from wheat and other related grains such as barley or rye.  It serves a purpose of binding and lends to the chewy texture associated with these foods.

From what I’ve learned gluten acts like a glue/paste substance that adheres to the intestinal tract.  It can then get gunked up and inhibit nutrients from being absorbed properly which in turn lead to continually feeling hungry and overbearing cravings.  Gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity has been attributed to many chronic diseases and ailments from digestive issues of all kinds, interference with brain processes (WHAT?) to headaches, body aches, depression and hyperactivity.  According to Dr. Barry Sears, of The Zone Diet (and more recently Toxic Fat), it could be contributing to a case of silent inflammation in your body that could linger for years or decades until ‘symptoms’ begin.  (I note symptoms as questionable as I believe our bodies so very often give us a head’s up when something isn’t right and we often ignore, brush it away or justify the sign.)

This silent inflammation is cell inflammation and disrupts the cell communication within our body; this is when we become more susceptible to cancer, diabetes, ADD, depression, etc.  Again according to Dr. Sears the gluten works hand in hand with Omega 6 fatty acids found in such things as vegetable oils, safflower and corn oils.  They act as building blocks for the inflammation fanning the fire and spreading the inflammation.  Removing gluten will be far easier than removing Omega 6 fatty acids from your diet as they are hard to detect at times.  One suggestion is that you increase your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids to high doses…. combating the existing inflammation and to begin the reversal process sooner.

I have been working myself and my children towards a gluten-free existence as of late, which I’ve found a little challenging. I’ve always known that my body feels lighter and cleaner when gluten isn’t in the picture but my recent attempts are ultimately for my children.  This information spoke volumes to me and explained a lot that I had trouble explaining about my health in particular.  It was also a lot to take in and absorb but felt it was pretty important and I needed to share it.

I am not a health practitioner and in no way imply to direct care or explain illnesses to you only to perhaps enlighten you and call attention to what I think could be a problem for many.  If you’d like to research father for yourself, you might want to check out Gluten Free School or Dr. Sear’s site directly.

And for some recipe inspiration, check out some gluten-free favorites already posted; Chocolate Nut Butter Bars, Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies or these Healthy Superfood Bars.

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  2. Great information. I am worried Trey doesn’t get any omega 3 or omega 6. How do you get these for your kids?

    • Thanks Thea. Omega 6 fatty acids are in so many processed foods, fast foods, etc. Those containing polyunsaturated vegetable oils like corn oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, etc. It is the imbalance that appears to be the issue. So avoiding much of the above mentioned foods would decrease Trey’s Omega 6 intake.

      Omega 3 fatty acids are those in cold water fish (salmon, sardines, herring) but also walnuts and flaxseeds. We eat omega3 fortified eggs in our house as well as walnuts and flaxseeds/flaxseed oil. I will add some oil to almond milk + fruit smoothies and anything I can. However that said I have added a supplement to their routine as well.

      Ultimately increasing Omega 3 and decreasing Omega 6 sources is the goal.

  3. Thank you for the information, Rybka. And thanks for reading.

  4. I used to be in the same boat you are in and Omega 3 and Zinc are what did it for me. I have also heard that Vitamin C and B-Complex vitamins help with skin as well. Also if you can try and cut back on processed food as much as possible. Because they have also been shown to have high quatities of Omega 6 which could be causing the acne. My reference details what is going on as far as the Omega 3 and Omega 6 balance in your body and should help a bit. Hope that helps!

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