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Watching your child struggle with something that you can only help with so much has to be one of the most difficult things ever, heart breaking even.  Most children get worried at times, scared by both rational and irrational things.  Getting caught in a bad storm or thinking about people coming close to their home and taking bicycles in the dead of night seem perfectly reasonable.  What about when those worries and fears grow?

After a couple of weeks of trying to determine what was wrong, why he had so many belly aches we figured out that my son was struggling with anxiety or excess worry.  Anxiety is an aggravation of vata, to alleviate anxiety we need to balance vata in the body.  Like increases like so to balance vata you need to increase qualities that are the opposite of vata.   Since vata is made of air and space opposite qualities would be slow, heavy, dense, warm and grounding.

Some ways to balance vata are;

Keep a routine.  Get up at the same time, go to bed at the same time and eat around the same time each day.  Your scattered mind will thank you.

Keep warm.  Bundle up if it is cold, especially if out on a windy chilly day.

Eat more cooked foods than raw.  Raw foods can be too cooling for some vata people, choose warm cooked and spiced food instead.

Avoid constant stimulation.  It can be difficult these days while we’re so attached and connected electronically but bears mentioning.  Not only electronic stimulation but this would also include constant loud abrasive music, TV shows and movies as well as the people in our lives.

Stay calm.  Spend some time being quiet, practice finding a peaceful place just for you.  This may be through meditation, prayer, yoga or even simply listening to quiet calming music whichever resonates with you.

Keeping a very busy very active 8-year-old boy on a routine with the nice mild weather and hours outside playing can be quite a challenge.  Dinner time is replaced by practice and coming in for lunch when there is a pickup game going on is not going to happen.

So I’ve resolved to do certain things with him consistently and pick up the routine whenever possible.   I’m sharing with the hope that if you or someone you know is in need you feel less alone and can possibly benefit from lots of time, research and experimentation.

Here is what has been working for us;

His sprays.  Lotus Wei flower essence energy mists; Inner Peace, Quiet Mind and Joy Juice.  Instead of pushing him to apply pure essential oils (he says ‘the smell stays in his nose’), these are the perfect compromise.  These three in particular contain geranium, coriander, lavender, juniper; hibiscus, sweet orange and rosewood all mean to bring focus, clarity, relaxation and peace as well as lightness.  They sit in front of his breakfast plate in the morning and he begins his day with his sprays.

Deep breaths.  I know it seems too simple to work but it works, even if for a few minutes.  In those minutes with a few deep breaths more oxygen enters his body and they force him to S L O W down.

Mantras.  Sometimes just flipping the switch in your head, that internal dialogue can make all the difference in the world.  Some people start on a thought and it builds and builds, it intensifies and becomes increasingly negative.  By changing that thought initially the idea is to change the course of your thoughts and the direction they are going in which will ultimately change how you feel.  We have one that we use often but in a pinch ‘I’m ok’ will suffice, this has been crucial for those times he needs to calm himself.

Meditation.  If you’ve ever meditated, spent time in church, prayed or simply spent an extended time being quiet you can likely appreciate the benefits of this practice.  It is calming, it settles the mind and if practiced will typically result in a calmer more settled person.  When you practice being quiet like you would practice yoga or a sport it becomes that much easier to find that quiet for yourself at other times in your life.  Although we have meditated together before I find playing guided meditations for him at bedtime are tolerated better and more successful.  He will now even ask for them and has his favorites on the album which completely warms my heart.

As I have told him this is a process, step by step but each day and with each step we get closer to what we want.  Fewer worries !

If you’re someone who has suffered with excess worry or someone you love is the worrier maybe the tips I mentioned to balance vata would be helpful to you.  And if there are strategies that you’ve found helpful I’d love to hear them, please share.

wishing you carefree days ahead ! xo


  1. margaret says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    Where would I find the sprays?

    • You’re welcome Peggy. I linked the Lotus Wei name to the mists on their site but if that doesn’t work you can find through I believe they are sold in NYC but I have only purchased online. You’ll love them !

  2. Thank you for sharing this Amber. We all have struggles with our children and it helps to share our stories and strategies. So, thank you.

  3. This could not have come at a better time Amber! Thank you for sharing this. I’ve already downloaded the cd you have pictured (Meditation for Kids and Teens), now I’m on a mission to find the sprays! xo

    • Hi Vicki, I’m so happy I did share it. If you have any questions on the sprays, let me know. I have them all and they are all awesome, if you check out their site you’ll see there are other options than just the sprays. Good luck.

  4. From someone who has suffered from anxiety and having a child who seems to take after his mommy, I understand how hard it is to watch your young child go through it. Thanks for some refreshing tips! Every day gets better….hopefully we can chat one day about it. Thanks for sharing…….

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