In the space…you get to choose.


So something happened today, something that should have rocked me a bit, something that would have sent me in a spin any other day.  Thinking, planning, stressing, worrying, and taking immediate action. It doesn’t really matter what it was that happened but it wasn’t super positive.

What I realized though was that I didn’t have to let it rock me.   I realized I could choose another response or not to respond at all.  How many times do we have things that come up that we quickly react to to only feel differently about it later after processing or letting it set in ?

I didn’t over think, stress or take any action today.  Well, I got a little angry at first because injustice always ticks me off a bit but then I let it be.  I’ll do something, take some kind of action but now I know it will be better thought out.

I’m grateful for the pause.  Perhaps from experience or perspective of some kind, I don’t know but I am grateful. Remember the space, take the pause, choose your response peacefully.




photo credit: quotefancy

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