Kale and white bean soup

I’ve always liked soup but with the colder weather I’ve been really into finding new soup recipes.  And if you’ve been around my site a bit you know I absolutely love kale.  I use it in soup, meals, salads as well as my juices but you can certainly use any dark leafy green in this recipe if kale isn’t your thing.  I’d recommend spinach or swiss chard if you’re looking for another option.



This recipe gave me one nice healthy dinner portion and what is left in the mason jar which will do well for 2 lunches.  You could always make a double batch and freeze portions to thaw at a later date.

If you like kale like myself check out these other recipes previously posted; kale soup; a recipe and kapha pacifying; a recipe.  What are your go to soup recipes?

Enjoy and keep warm !





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    Kale and white bean soup

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