Keeping it cool

In celebration of the summer solstice I thought it appropriate to share some tips for remaining a happy, calm, cool, collected member of society throughout the hot summer months.  As we begin Pitta season there is a tendency to gain some heat or fire throwing us off a bit and perhaps creating some unwanted results.  If you find you’re becoming irritable, frustrated or angry, experiencing skin rashes, acne, heartburn, lethargy or even insomnia you may ‘overheating’. This state can occur without even realizing it by consuming overly spicy foods, enduring a tough workout in the hot sun or even consuming too much caffeine and/or alcohol.

To keep your cool this Pitta season slow down and observe how you feel and if it feels right for you adopt a tip or two.

  • Exercise in the early morning hours when temperatures tend to be at their coolest. Simply not over-exerting yourself in the high heat of the day will keep your internal thermometer low.
  • Limit your intake of caffeine, alcohol, hot spicy foods as well as salty, oily and fried foods. These are all Pitta aggravating, you’ll want to avoid as much as possible this season.
  • Increase sweet, bitter and astringent foods like fresh local greens, juicy fruits like berries, melon, plums and peaches and cooling grains such as rice and oats. It is no accident that the seasonal fruits and vegetables in our location are the best for our bodies, go out and find a farmer’s market or fruit and vegetable stand and see what is available.
  • Hydrate.  Lots of water, lemon water and herbal teas are best.  If you can find a low sugar coconut water that would be a better option than the sports drinks out there.

Check back for some Pitta reducing, cooling recipes to come.  Enjoy and happy solstice !



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