Lessons from a rescue pup

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The day started like any other Saturday.  There was a soccer game to attend that morning but after pouring over the website for hours the night before there was also a dog adoption clinic to attend.  What started as ‘let’s just go check it out’ quickly turned into filling out the application and proceeding with the interview process.  When we left with our beautiful puppy that day we had a good idea what was in store, somewhat, the rest would be lessons I needed.

People are inherently good.

Our pup, Maple, and her siblings were a last-minute addition to the Homeward Bound Dog Rescue crew when they were leaving Kentucky.  When the volunteers were notified these puppies were headed to a kill shelter they took the extra puppies despite their already full house.  The day they arrived at Homeward Bound there were 18 puppies that were adopted with just a few going home with their foster families.


There has been no better evidence of this than the grace and outpouring of love towards the victims and families in Newtown, CT, when there is loss and suffering people rise up.  Family, friends and strangers alike will give of themselves, their time and money as well as their hearts.  Proven with stories shared of the 26 acts of kindness in loving memory of the lives lost people will and are continuing to pay it forward.  It’s moving.    

New beginnings can start at any time.

Who says New Years or your birthday are the only times for reflection and intention setting.  Just as Maple made an unexpected trip from the South to the Capital Region to meet her forever family we too can choose to begin anew any day at any time.  When a thought arises that doesn’t serve your best interest you can change it.  Instantly. ‘It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed.’ Louise Hay


Nothing is permanent. Refreshing, isn’t it?


‘Patience is not about waiting. Patience is about knowing.’ Gabrielle Bernstein

Patience has never been my strong suit.  Blame it on a driving curiosity to know something, do something or acquire something or blame it on the Pitta in me but I usually struggle with waiting.  This quote is one that has stayed with me and has changed how I see so many things in my life.  When I trust and know that the best outcome will present itself it makes it a lot easier to sit back, relax and let it happen.


I quickly realized when the holiday break was over and children returned to school that my life as I knew it had changed dramatically.  Previously I shopped when I wanted, went to yoga when I wanted and worked when I wanted finally finding a good balance throughout the week.  Now I had a 12 week old puppy that needed me to be home and available for her throughout the day.  No longer could I be gone from the house for hours on end, I didn’t yet have a dog I had a puppy.



Everything is energy and energy is everything.   photo (20)

As a big fan of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, the intent was to train and relate to Maple with calm assertive energy.  Cesar has all kinds of recommendations and tips for how to interact with your dog but it really does come down to energy.  The youngest in the house has yet to embrace this idea and can only contain himself with the dog for so long before he is in a fit of laughter and she is bouncing off him nipping away.


How we approach just about anything in our lives will directly determine the outcome.  Filled with anxiety, anger or restlessness will bring on more of the same while when we’re content, calm and in a peaceful state we seem to attract more calm and contentment.  This isn’t the easiest pill to swallow and even when you can see it happening flipping the switch can prove to be quite a challenge itself.  However what I’ve learned is that if you want a peaceful home life, you yourself need to feel peace and if you want a loving calm dog you need to approach her with loving calm.


It is a pleasure to welcome Maple to our home.  I’m grateful for her love and lessons for not only myself but for my children as well knowing that to care and love for another is a great honor and blessing.

Do you have a pet?  What if anything have they taught you?  I’d love for you to share.



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