‘the reward for attention is always healing.’

       There’s more to being a healthy happy person than what you choose to eat, how much sleep you get and your fitness level.  There’s a lot more actually.  How healthy and happy do you think one would be if in prime physical condition but they spend all their time around people that cut them down and they are overwhelmed with negative thoughts and feelings?  If they have significant unresolved emotions from something traumatic in their lives or are continually angry at what their life entails.  Thriving and not just getting through this life involves digesting and transforming all we take in, experience and feel from the food we eat, experiences we have, emotions felt and energy we fill our life with.         

As I’ve shared with some of you recently I’ve always been drawn to writing; to express creatively, to heal, to sort through all that lands in my mind and to have a safe place without judgment and criticism to unload it all.  I started when I was young and quickly learned how therapeutic it felt to get it out of my head and onto paper….there’s a release in that.  It doesn’t take away whatever may be on my mind but there is a sense of relief in getting it out, kind of like venting to someone you truly trust.  So I thought I’d share some reasons you may want to try it.                                               read more

If you cannot eat it, don’t put it on your skin. A DIY mask

One of my favorite cleansers, for years, has been plain, full fat yogurt. The lactic acid in the yogurt is a great, mild, skin brightening and anti-inflammatory cleanser for sensitive pitta skin.  Whenever I’ve needed to re-boot my skin I’ll return to cleaning with yogurt or I’ll make an easy non-invasive scrub by mixing ground oatmeal into the yogurt and applying to my face.read more

For you; my best advice


Alright, I suppose I don’t know if it’s really my best but over time as I’ve worked with clients and performed workshops this is the advice I’ve gotten the most feedback on.  Positive feedback, great feedback. These are simple steps that can easily be implemented and have yielded the best results both for myself personally as well as those I’ve worked with.

So, I thought I’d put them together for an easy go to guide.read more

Surviving the winter months with Ayurveda

IMG_1954The winter months in the cold weather can truly take a toll …. we’re cooped up, inundated with more than a few heavy dark days and its our nature to retreat.  Kapha season brings with it the qualities of kapha which are heavy, moist, cold, wet and dense.  If you think about the weather and what happens this time of the year (in the Northeast at least) it makes perfect sense.  The snow, the cold, the darker days of winter bring these qualities into our everyday life so its important to balance accordingly.

All too often if we’re susceptible to it this is the time of year many see excess weight gain, a tendency to hibernate and hunker down indoors foregoing their normal activities, cravings for heavy comfort foods and more sad days and depressive tendencies.    To best counter the heaviness of the season I shared a few tips at a local workshop recently and wanted to pass the information on to you as well.read more

Turmeric, the golden spice


I’ve been sharing this information and recipe with several people lately from friends and family to the clients I work with and it finally dawned on me that I should share it with you as well.  The more I learn about turmeric the more I realize we all can benefit from having it in our diet on a regular basis.

Known in India and Ayurveda world as the golden spice or the spice of life it has been said that is it an all purpose cleanser for the body.  Also used in Chinese Medicine turmeric is an orange/yellow root in the ginger family with the active healing ingredient curcumin.read more