Easy + filling + healthy = yum

I’ve shared this recipe with so many people, thought I’d share it here as well.  It is truly one of my favorites, especially in this cold winter weather.  This dish fills the belly, warms the soul and it is good for your body as well.read more

cinnamon vanilla tea

A warming spice known to stimulate circulation, cinnamon is a natural expectorant as well as a soothing tonic to coat the throat. Also very effective at warming those with cold hands/feet.

new challenges

Knowing what needs to be accomplished and how to accomplish those needs are two entirely different things. I find venturing into the unknown both exciting and overwhelming (thankfully, more of the former). I’ve never been one to shy away from a large endeavor, rarely lacking motivation.  However, getting through some of the technical stepping-stones or perhaps knowing who to turn to for help, may slow me down a bit.

follow your path

So a couple weeks ago I had a super exciting meeting. ok, maybe not so much a meeting  
and more like coffee with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile. 
A friend I wanted to catch up with but being a business owner, I planned to pick her
brain a little bit as well.  She asked a simple question, one I’ve been asked a lot lately,
“what do you want to do with this, when you’re done?’ 
And instinctively I answered….”well, I want to do nutritional counseling but I really want to write as well”.read more

who wants one?


you know those cravings, the ones that have you going back out for something specific?
or going way out of your way for that good chocolate from that place across town? 
figuring out what those cravings mean, will help you better understand how to pacify them
in the healthiest way possible for your body.


ayurveda believes that each of those cravings, whether for sweet, salty or sour foods
are all connected to our emotions. understanding which emotion needs tending could
eliminate that craving all together. read more