a super fruit ?

Many know how delicious this fruit is, the avocado, but few know just how truly
good it is for you.  Ayurveda believes that the avocado can provide some amazing
benefits.  Not only is the avocado high in fiber and B vitamins it is very high in
potassium, 60% more so than the banana.  No matter what your dosha/constitution
or body type the avocado is for you.  Moderation is always the key but please, indulge. read more

what color are you drawn to?

and what does that attraction mean?

mine is currently blue.

it’s cooling yet electric.

calming for strong emotions, brings tranquility, soothes suffering.

blue encourages understanding, practicality and wisdom.


You may have heard that one of the common uses for ginger is to alleviate nausea and stomach discomfort. Many people use candied ginger to settle an upset stomach perhaps because it neutralizes toxins and helps digestion. What you may not know is that ginger has heating qualities, good for vata and pitta constitutions. Ginger can alleviate inflammation that accompanies the common cold, it reduces sinus discomfort as well as congestion. So, I’ve been a bit obsessed with tea these days.read more

Fall = Vata season


ayurveda teaches that while we’re now entering Vata season,
some of us may be feeling a bit scattered, uneasy/anxious,
quick tempered and dehydrated.  This is the time of year we
need to ensure we are nourishing our bodies with warm, sweet,
grounding foods.  think beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin,
squashes and cooked oats. 
I think it is fascinating that many of the Vata balancing foods are
currently in season, nature knows what we need and is in ready 
pumpkin curry or butternut squash soup? hmmm.       

spotted on a passing car

‘Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.’