my go-vege experiment

So, I’ve been thinking of going vegetarian for a little while now. well, a version of, at least. Since I already don’t eat chicken or turkey and ate very little beef/pork I didn’t think it would be a difficult sell. In learning more and more about what foods are good/not good for our bodies based on our particular dosha, I felt like I had to give it a try. I’m now committed. It’s been a solid few weeks and I feel great but it is more difficult than I anticipated. I do a lot more grazing/picking at dinner time than I ever have. And I’m certain I need a lot more protein in my diet.  More to come as I tweak and track the results.                               

And yes, that is a heart shaped potato.




‘The car goes where your eyes go.’ G.Stein

just finished this book. I loved it, the message and the sweetness of Enzo.

just breathe

some yogis have said that when we are born we have a certain number of breaths allotted to us. the pace of our breath will determine how long they last. interesting. yet another incentive to taking deep, slow, calming breaths. when you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious or upset try controlling your breath to quiet your mind. this may grant you another day.