Kale and white bean soup

I’ve always liked soup but with the colder weather I’ve been really into finding new soup recipes.  And if you’ve been around my site a bit you know I absolutely love kale.  I use it in soup, meals, salads as well as my juices but you can certainly use any dark leafy green in this recipe if kale isn’t your thing.  I’d recommend spinach or swiss chard if you’re looking for another option.


kaleandwhitebeanread more

Tomato soup, a creamy vegan version


Love tomato soup? Love creamy tomato soup?  As indicated in my post from last week,  I’m incorporating warm nourishing food options so I’ve been on the hunt for some new-to-me soup recipes. read more

Must haves for the fall season

fallmusthavesCovers up to my eyes holding me down urging me to stay while I decipher the sound of the alarm and just how serious I am about that early morning workout, between the darker mornings and the extra chill in the air I’m finding it very difficult to get out of bed these days.

If you’ve been reading my work for a while you’ll know the importance I place on keeping a schedule, a daily routine, to keep the body and mind in rhythm with exceptions of course.  The past couple of weeks have proven to be challenging for me no doubt due to the change of season and increase in vata qualities (light, mobile, dry, rough, cold).  Ayurveda teaches that like increases like so to level myself I’ll need to incorporate more qualities that are the opposite of vata.

I thought I’d share with you my favorite fall must haves to help you navigate this new season at your best.read more

Surviving the fall, vata season

vatapost Dr. Vasant Lad shared recently his tips and recommendations for the autumn season.  A few of those mentioned were;

– to avoid dry, rough food like nuts and popcorn

– avoid fasting or skipping meals

– avoid iced or cold drinks

– avoid late nights

– avoid exposure to cold and wind

The way we transition from season to season as we enter Vata season, a season of transition, is important in order to keep the natural vata qualities within each of us in balance. read more

Healthy, happy, safe, calm and relaxed.


Watching your child struggle with something that you can only help with so much has to be one of the most difficult things ever, heart breaking even.  Most children get worried at times, scared by both rational and irrational things.  Getting caught in a bad storm or thinking about people coming close to their home and taking bicycles in the dead of night seem perfectly reasonable.  What about when those worries and fears grow?

After a couple of weeks of trying to determine what was wrong, why he had so many belly aches we figured out that my son was struggling with anxiety or excess worry.read more