Surviving the fall, vata season

vatapost Dr. Vasant Lad shared recently his tips and recommendations for the autumn season.  A few of those mentioned were;

– to avoid dry, rough food like nuts and popcorn

– avoid fasting or skipping meals

– avoid iced or cold drinks

– avoid late nights

– avoid exposure to cold and wind

The way we transition from season to season as we enter Vata season, a season of transition, is important in order to keep the natural vata qualities within each of us in balance. read more

Healthy, happy, safe, calm and relaxed.


Watching your child struggle with something that you can only help with so much has to be one of the most difficult things ever, heart breaking even.  Most children get worried at times, scared by both rational and irrational things.  Getting caught in a bad storm or thinking about people coming close to their home and taking bicycles in the dead of night seem perfectly reasonable.  What about when those worries and fears grow?

After a couple of weeks of trying to determine what was wrong, why he had so many belly aches we figured out that my son was struggling with anxiety or excess more

Summer and your dosha


One of the things I liked most about learning Ayurveda and continues to resonate as I practice and study is that the belief is in greater self-discovery.  The more we know about ourselves, our bodies, our tendencies and our strengths the better we’ll be at being and staying our healthiest.

I had the pleasure of sharing Ayurveda this past weekend at a yoga and wellness retreat in upstate New York, this is the  backdrop to where the retreat was held. read more

Six steps to a healthier spring

springtulipsOver the weekend I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on Ayurveda to a group of aspiring yoga teachers.  We discussed some misconceptions about Ayurveda, some of the history; it’s correlation to yoga as well as simplified ways to implement it into our lives.  During our talk I’d mentioned the benefits of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, that what is ready in nature in our location is typically what is best for our bodies.

For instance, as we enter the spring season our bodies naturally want to shed the extra no longer needed now that winter is over and a good way to do that is to incorporate the fresh light greens in season today.  To best assist this natural process there are a few things that can be done, one of which is a nice gentle whole foods cleanse which I’m offering here but if that isn’t your thing here are some other fairly easy more

Spring = cleansing

SpringCleanseIconIt’s here, it’s time.  The truly thriving spring cleanse is ready for you.

Right now I want you to consider how it would feel to love how you look and feel. We ALL go off course and can continue on a path that isn’t working or decide to make a change. This cleanse is that change and this is the season.

Get more information and learn what is included here.