Summer and your dosha


One of the things I liked most about learning Ayurveda and continues to resonate as I practice and study is that the belief is in greater self-discovery.  The more we know about ourselves, our bodies, our tendencies and our strengths the better we’ll be at being and staying our healthiest.

I had the pleasure of sharing Ayurveda this past weekend at a yoga and wellness retreat in upstate New York, this is the  backdrop to where the retreat was held. read more

Six steps to a healthier spring

springtulipsOver the weekend I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on Ayurveda to a group of aspiring yoga teachers.  We discussed some misconceptions about Ayurveda, some of the history; it’s correlation to yoga as well as simplified ways to implement it into our lives.  During our talk I’d mentioned the benefits of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, that what is ready in nature in our location is typically what is best for our bodies.

For instance, as we enter the spring season our bodies naturally want to shed the extra no longer needed now that winter is over and a good way to do that is to incorporate the fresh light greens in season today.  To best assist this natural process there are a few things that can be done, one of which is a nice gentle whole foods cleanse which I’m offering here but if that isn’t your thing here are some other fairly easy more

Spring = cleansing

SpringCleanseIconIt’s here, it’s time.  The truly thriving spring cleanse is ready for you.

Right now I want you to consider how it would feel to love how you look and feel. We ALL go off course and can continue on a path that isn’t working or decide to make a change. This cleanse is that change and this is the season.

Get more information and learn what is included here.








Why you should drink green juices or smoothies?

green-smoothie1Looking to incorporate more greens and vegetables into your diet but aren’t sure how?  Do you run low on energy? Or long for more vibrant glowing skin?  I may have an idea for you….

If you aren’t someone that has already jumped on the green juice or green smoothie wagon, you may want to be.  These are two great ways to pleasantly get more dark leafy greens and alkaline vegetables into your daily diet.

One of the best investments I’ve made in my health and my family’s health is my juicer.  I finally bought it last winter after much trepidation ….would I really use it enough to justify the cost? Is it too big and cumbersome? You get the drill, but I started juicing right away and didn’t stop for months so I quickly put those doubts to rest.  You don’t need a juicer though; a basic blender can get you on the road to making smoothies today.

What’s the difference?  Well when vegetables and fruits are put through a juicer all the juice and nutrients are extracted for you to drink and the fibrous portion is with held in your juicer basket.  Juices are the easiest on the body to digest since there is no fiber for the digestive system to have to break down; they are a smoother drink without the pulp and are fully packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

When making a smoothie the fruit and vegetables along with water or milk and other ingredients are added to a blender and blended to your consistency of choice.  Smoothies contain all the vitamins and minerals from the ingredients as well as the fiber from the fruit and vegetables for a more substantive drink.  Which you choose to go with really does depend on your preference and what it is you’re looking for.  Here is a how to and a couple of my favorite more

The Easiest Way To Keep Yourself Healthy


When I first learned about this practice I was a little put off and a bit perplexed, how could swishing oil around in my mouth be beneficial to my health let alone cleansing?  I’m a bit embarrassed to say that what finally sold me was when I learned of its great teeth whitening capabilities.  I was curious enough and ready to give it a try based on this promise alone though I soon learned the benefits of oil pulling went far beyond what I imagined. how-olive-oil-works-3


Originating in India from the teachings of Ayurvedic medicine oil pulling was later introduced to the western world by Dr. F. Karach and studied even further by Dr. Bruce Fife.  To many the idea of oil pulling and its claims were too simple to be taken seriously and therefore dismissed and discredited.  But why does something have to be complex to be effective?  Besides there is little risk in trying something so natural so I decided to give it a go.  read more