The magic is in the chewing.

photo (21)This time of the year is definitely the most popular for  many considering a cleanse, the start of the New Year.  Whether it is a fresh start mentality, we’ve overindulged over the holidays or we just think we should you’ll see all kinds of cleanses offered in January. Although I completely understand the desire I do think this time of the year in cold weather climates can be difficult for many body types.  There are some body compositions that just can’t take anything too harsh like complete juice or liquid cleanses and/or raw food cleanses.  If you’re a Vata dominant person you may find that too many raw. cold foods and drinks leave you feeling the same, raw and cold which then leaves your immune system more

Lessons from a rescue pup

photo (18b)

The day started like any other Saturday.  There was a soccer game to attend that morning but after pouring over the website for hours the night before there was also a dog adoption clinic to attend.  What started as ‘let’s just go check it out’ quickly turned into filling out the application and proceeding with the interview process.  When we left with our beautiful puppy that day we had a good idea what was in store, somewhat, the rest would be lessons I needed.

People are inherently good.

Our pup, Maple, and her siblings were a last-minute addition to the Homeward Bound Dog Rescue crew when they were leaving Kentucky.  When the volunteers were notified these puppies were headed to a kill shelter they took the extra puppies despite their already full house.  The day they arrived at Homeward Bound there were 18 puppies that were adopted with just a few going home with their foster families.


There has been no better evidence of this than the grace and outpouring of love towards the victims and families in Newtown, CT, when there is loss and suffering people rise up.  Family, friends and strangers alike will give of themselves, their time and money as well as their hearts.  Proven with stories shared of the 26 acts of kindness in loving memory of the lives lost people will and are continuing to pay it forward.  It’s moving.    read more

Running on empty

My Wild River loves you!!! :)))

My intent this week was to finish up my healthy holiday treats article so I could post it for you but I ended up getting side tracked a bit.  Yesterday was my 6th day in 2 weeks home with a sick child the younger one took last week there was a one day over lap with the older sister falling ill this week.  Obviously my children are my first priority and when they’re sick I want to be with them but I quickly realized that when focusing solely on taking care of them ALL my self-care practices dissipate and before long I’m running on empty.

I’ve been hearing this for the last month or so, everyone is so busy pulled in so many directions and not truly caring for themselves.  The stress of the holiday season and all the extra demands it entails can turn an otherwise festive time into stress filled and potentially sick days.  Don’t let this happen to more

How snacking can ruin your health!

Ok, perhaps that is a bit extreme but snacking a lot throughout the day can have a drastic impact on your health. Now if you’re of the mindset that you need to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism fired up, give me a minute to explain.  I imagine this is particularly disturbing to you, I know I was of the same mindset for many years.  I grazed throughout the day eating healthy meals or snacks every 2-3 hours; I did this for years until last spring.

Our digestive system is the key to our health, trust me.  When we aren’t digesting and assimilating properly we can have all sorts of problems from bloating, cramps, indigestion and acid reflux to joint pain, lethargy, skin issues, cloudy thinking and even depression.  You may be eating a clean and healthy diet but whatever your body doesn’t need and utilize remains, builds up over time and eventually becomes more

The new superfood?

Quinoa, pronounced ‘keen-wah’, looks like a grain, is put into the whole grain category, but it isn’t a grain, it’s a seed.  This interesting little seed surprisingly contains so many health benefits I’m surprised more people aren’t enjoying it.  Granted I know it isn’t as convenient as slapping something onto two slices of bread but with the right planning you can enjoy quinoa easily and reap all the benefits.
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