Running on empty

My Wild River loves you!!! :)))

My intent this week was to finish up my healthy holiday treats article so I could post it for you but I ended up getting side tracked a bit.  Yesterday was my 6th day in 2 weeks home with a sick child the younger one took last week there was a one day over lap with the older sister falling ill this week.  Obviously my children are my first priority and when they’re sick I want to be with them but I quickly realized that when focusing solely on taking care of them ALL my self-care practices dissipate and before long I’m running on empty.

I’ve been hearing this for the last month or so, everyone is so busy pulled in so many directions and not truly caring for themselves.  The stress of the holiday season and all the extra demands it entails can turn an otherwise festive time into stress filled and potentially sick days.  Don’t let this happen to you.

An unexpected phone call with a friend reminded me how simple the solution can be.  Take a look.

Spend a few minutes just out of bed in tadasana pose or mountain pose.      Tadasana                                                                  Stand with your feet in line with your hips rooting your feet into the ground, pull your body in toward your core and take a few deep breaths. Think about inhaling from the ground up even raising your arms up above your head and lowering them with your exhale.  Just three minutes or so can make such a difference in your life.  Take time for you.

Surround yourself with the color red and shades of red.  Red correlates with our 1st chakra, muladhara, which translates as root support.  Strengthening your root chakra will give you a greater sense of grounding, support and stability.  Wear red clothing or a piece of jewelry, choose the red scarf or even put a red picture up near your work space to see throughout the day.

Take a break from the electronics.  Whenever possible throughout your day turn off the computer, tablet, TV and even the business of the radio.  Spend some time in silence or low volume, low stimuli background music.  I won’t suggest turning your phone off but if you are someone who is constantly checking  your phone give yourself some time to just answer it if it rings and not check email, twitter, Facebook, etc.

You read this today for a reason.  Maybe you needed a reminder to slow down and perhaps to take better care of yourself.  If you liked this, feel free to share.  Also, I’d love to hear what you do to stay grounded and reconnect.


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Thank you to Denis Collette for the article photo.

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