Salad in a jar?

Every year as the hot summer weather hits my body tolerates or craves what is optimal for it, thankfully. Salad.  I tend to find a favorite version or mix but then lose interest after a couple of weeks so I’m always looking for other options.  I’ve never been fond of  the prep work it takes to make a good salad.  I’m blessed that I usually work from home and have the option of popping into the kitchen to make lunch but I don’t always want to take the time to do so, so when I was introduced to salads in a jar I took notice.  I learned of layering salad items in mason jars from Kathy and her blog Happy. Healthy. Life, check out the site if you like (even if just for the photography).

I loved this idea so much I couldn’t wait to try it out and I made a list of all the reasons it makes sense.

Cut once, enjoy several times.  There are many who see the benefit in prepping their food once a week making the mid-week meals easier to assemble and enjoy.  I prefer to have the cutting board, veggies and greens all out at once and set up my jars assembly line style.  I’m usually making a salad to eat that day and then prepare a couple more for later in the week.  When that day comes I pour the jar salad into a bowl and voila.

Easy, compact fridge storage.  This time of the year I love looking in the fridge to see the big bountiful greens and lettuces from our local CSA, and all the fruit and vegetables  we love even more this time of the year.  However fridge space is a hot commodity so larger bowls with my pre-prepped salads in them were not even a possibility.

Simple pack -n-go.  When my week took a different route and I ended up with a mid-week day trip I was able to easily adapt since I had a jar of salad left.  It fit in my littler cooler pack and I grabbed a fork.  It was a bit challenging to eat sans bowl but was doable nonetheless.

Endless possibilities.  Ok, so I know this is the case with any salad in any functional container but I thought it was worth mentioning again.  A trick I learned from layering salads is that if you put the dressing in first on the bottom and top with a marinate-able veggie you can essentially keep the rest of your salad dry and wilt free.  I quickly learned my favorite items in this layer are zucchini, summer squash and radishes but it became a challenge to try a variety of veggies.

If you have some mason jars, or any larger jar give this a try.  I’d love to hear what you think.







  1. This is a great idea. Thanks for posting!

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