Spring Cleanse

I’d love to live in a world where we all love how we feel and look in our skin, we’re happy with our bodies and we actually feel good unfortunately that isn’t usually how it works. No matter how healthy you eat (or don’t eat) there are times when everyone feels less than their best. Your digestion may be off leaving you bloated, with cramps or worse, your skin may be irritated and breaking out, excess weight may be the cause of concern or you may be suffering from allergy symptoms that won’t let up.

I want you to feel clear head and light in your body. I want you to have glowing skin, reduce those pesky cravings and have vibrant energy. I want to help you strength your immunity, begin shedding excess weight and balance your hormones.

This is why I’ve created the spring cleanse. This isn’t any cleanse though, it is based on the principles of Ayurveda which believe you are truly unique and your needs are also as unique. Through the cleanse you can determine what your unique body(dosha) needs and customize your cleansing experience. Ayurveda teaches that as we move from season to season our bodies willingly want to shed what is no longer needed and is now in excess so it can begin a new season fresh and balanced.

This program is based on implementing a mono diet for the 4 cleanse days. You simply give your body one filling, nourishing meal with a special spice combination for detoxification which gives your digestion a break allowing it to cleanse more fully and efficiently.

Reasons to cleanse include; gaining focus and clarity, clearing toxins from your body, drop any excess weight, obtain vibrant skin, build a strong immune system, and eliminate cravings and transition into the new season gracefully.

What you receive with the spring cleanse;

  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Dosha quiz and introduction to your unique dosha
  • Full cleanse outline with pre-cleanse, cleanse period and post cleanse instructions
  • Sample daily meal plans for each phase
  • 10 smoothie and juice recipes
  • Over 20 recipes for the pre-cleanse, cleanse and post cleanse phases
  • Teas to incorporate for optimal results
  • Daily practices to implement
  • A comprehensive list of the best foods for your spring
  • My unlimited support via email

Right now I want you to consider how it would feel to love how you look and feel. We ALL go off course and can continue on a path that isn’t working or decide to make a change. This cleanse is that change and this is the season.

It all begins right now! This cleanse is designed for you to follow on your own in your own time anytime now through May. Plan your week of pre-cleansing and cleansing, gather your supplies and ingredients, enlist a friend and get going. A more vibrant you is waiting.

With love and gratitude…..and of course if you find you’re not pleased with what you’ve learned and accomplished on the cleanse, you can certainly receive your money back. Just email me within 30 days of purchase (with proof of payment) and I’ll gladly make things right.