The Easiest Way To Keep Yourself Healthy


When I first learned about this practice I was a little put off and a bit perplexed, how could swishing oil around in my mouth be beneficial to my health let alone cleansing?  I’m a bit embarrassed to say that what finally sold me was when I learned of its great teeth whitening capabilities.  I was curious enough and ready to give it a try based on this promise alone though I soon learned the benefits of oil pulling went far beyond what I imagined. how-olive-oil-works-3


Originating in India from the teachings of Ayurvedic medicine oil pulling was later introduced to the western world by Dr. F. Karach and studied even further by Dr. Bruce Fife.  To many the idea of oil pulling and its claims were too simple to be taken seriously and therefore dismissed and discredited.  But why does something have to be complex to be effective?  Besides there is little risk in trying something so natural so I decided to give it a go.  

Eager to try it out I began the very next morning with sesame oil (as it was on hand and immediately ready to go) only to discover it was a bit heavy for my taste. I quickly made the change to coconut oil which suited me much better.  Since coconut oil solidifies in cooler temperatures a little more planning is required but knowing the taste is pleasant keeps me consistent so the extra time is worth it.


So what should you know about oil pulling?


  • The act of swishing oil in your mouth, drawing it though your teeth and over and around your gums is oil pulling.
  • Oil pulling can alleviate a whole host of symptoms from migraines, asthma and arthritis to your average aches and pains, skin conditions and high blood pressure.  It isn’t a cure-all, as Dr. Bruce Fife explains, oil pulling simply acts as a tool to remove harmful bacteria from the mouth and ultimately the body.
  • Best when completed on an empty stomach when the bacteria levels in our mouths are at their highest.  Yes, in researching further I discovered that after we eat bacteria levels in our mouths are at their lowest because we’ve swallowed and ingested them.  Yuck.
  • Over time the act of oil pulling reduces stress on our immune system, with fewer invaders our immune system doesn’t have to work as hard.
  • On occasion you may experience a cleansing effect in less than pleasant symptoms such as excess mucous, headaches or nausea.  This should soon pass as you continue and your body rids the toxins from your body.


 How to begin oil pulling?


  • Start with an empty stomach and about 2 teaspoons of oil or whatever you’re comfortable with.  I get up in the morning, have a drink of warm water or room temperature water then oil pull for 15-20 minutes.  This is something you may need to work up to, begin with 5 minutes and add-on as you become more comfortable with the process.
  • Keep your mouth closed and begin swishing.  Work the oil in and around your mouth pulling it through your teeth.  Do not gargle and do not swallow the oil.
  • When finished spit the oil into the garbage can and rinse out your mouth with water.  Never swallow the oil as the process of pulling will fill the oil with the bacteria and toxins pulled from your mouth, not what you want to ingest.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you need to spit the oil out sooner than anticipated.  Sometimes oil pulling can immediately cause your body to start draining mucous which you need to spit out.  Simply start over if you want to continue.  And don’t worry if you start to gag when you begin  this too should improve as you continue and you know what to expect.  As I mentioned earlier, you may want to experiment with a different type of oil if your first choice isn’t working for you.


My experience with oil pulling has led to whiter and brighter teeth without the use of harsh chemicals, clearer skin and a quicker than usual recovery from a head cold.  I’ve really been consistent for the past few months so I look forward to more results to follow and knowing my immune system will have a bit of a break.

Have you ever tried oil pulling?  Would you?  I’d love to hear your experience if you do.


  1. Christy says:

    I love this Amber! I’ve been doing it all winter long, and been able to stay germ free even after being around so many that have been sick! I have a compromised immune system, and contribute staying healthy this winter to this!! I don’t have a lot of extra time, so I do my oil pulling while I’m in the shower :)

    • That’s great Christy! I’ve heard many success stories from others as well, good tip on multitasking too. Thank you!

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