The magic is in the chewing.

photo (21)This time of the year is definitely the most popular for  many considering a cleanse, the start of the New Year.  Whether it is a fresh start mentality, we’ve overindulged over the holidays or we just think we should you’ll see all kinds of cleanses offered in January. Although I completely understand the desire I do think this time of the year in cold weather climates can be difficult for many body types.  There are some body compositions that just can’t take anything too harsh like complete juice or liquid cleanses and/or raw food cleanses.  If you’re a Vata dominant person you may find that too many raw. cold foods and drinks leave you feeling the same, raw and cold which then leaves your immune system vulnerable.

The good news is that there are other ways to cleanse the body, rid your blood, tissues and lymphatic system of nasty toxins that have built up over time and still be true to what your body needs in the season.  It’s simple, eat your greens.  Seriously. There is a reason you’ve heard it before, it’s important and so easy.  I’m not even going to go into how nutrient dense dark leafy seasonal greens are this time around but you’ve got that too.  Greens whether raw or cooked are the internal scrub brushes for our bodies.

Some like to juice their greens or get most of them through powdered or supplement form but there is no substitute to chewing the real thing.  In fact, the magic is in the chewing.  While chewing your body releases digestive enzymes which not only aid our digestion  but also mix with the greens enabling them to do their scrubbing.  With the enzymes they grab the toxins and eliminate them from the body.  Exactly what we need.

So what to choose?  Great greens to incorporate into your diet this season are kale, swiss chard, beet greens; spinach isn’t really a winter green but is better than nothing, brussels sprouts and parsley.  Here are a few of my go to recipes to try out;

Kale and spicy white beans

Hearty mushroom and kale

Massaged kale salad                                                                                 photo (22)


Of course you can also just add a handful of greens to any salad or soup you’re making or steam and enjoy with rice and beans or even eggs.  Let me know how you get your greens, I’d love to know.

with green love,


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