‘the reward for attention is always healing.’

       There’s more to being a healthy happy person than what you choose to eat, how much sleep you get and your fitness level.  There’s a lot more actually.  How healthy and happy do you think one would be if in prime physical condition but they spend all their time around people that cut them down and they are overwhelmed with negative thoughts and feelings?  If they have significant unresolved emotions from something traumatic in their lives or are continually angry at what their life entails.  Thriving and not just getting through this life involves digesting and transforming all we take in, experience and feel from the food we eat, experiences we have, emotions felt and energy we fill our life with.         

As I’ve shared with some of you recently I’ve always been drawn to writing; to express creatively, to heal, to sort through all that lands in my mind and to have a safe place without judgment and criticism to unload it all.  I started when I was young and quickly learned how therapeutic it felt to get it out of my head and onto paper….there’s a release in that.  It doesn’t take away whatever may be on my mind but there is a sense of relief in getting it out, kind of like venting to someone you truly trust.  So I thought I’d share some reasons you may want to try it.                                               


Processing emotions …..sometimes we get upset and it takes a minute or a week to really figure out what we feel or think about a situation. There are many outlets for what we’re feeling.  Some people get reactive and scream and yell, some get quiet and turn inward, others workout or get involved in some kind of physical activity, some eat or shop or even drink to numb themselves and still others shove it down somewhere inside them.  They either can’t or don’t know how to handle what they’re feeling so they just busy themselves with life and push whatever they’re feeling away hoping that will do it.    Anyone who has had any experience with that last option knows that shoving it down doesn’t do the trick….it resurfaces again later, stronger than before or in another area of their life.  The only way out is through.   

Writing can help.  We don’t always want to open up and talk, we just need to get it out.  Write in a journal. Don’t think about or censor your thoughts, just get it out.   

Reducing stress and anxiety….the swirling thoughts and worries that come with an anxious mind can be crippling and only build momentum if not contained.  I’m not an anxious person by nature but I’ve had experience with talking others out of driving themselves mad.  Anxiety and the stress that accompanies it can eventually become depression if not addressed properly.  It can be so taxing to the body not only mentally and emotionally but also physically.     

There are many ways physical and otherwise that people find helpful in relieving anxiety but just like when processing how you’re feeling about a situation or event getting it out can be therapeutic.        

Prioritizing and releasing….they say that we know what we need, in every situation.  We do  Our own body our mind our intuition.  It is the theory behind applied kinesiology to ask and test the body physically for an answer.  The question could be regarding an illness, ailment or allergy as well as whether a decision is a good one for you or one you should re-evaluate.  

The problem is that we as humans can get so into our own heads; questioning, doubting, wondering if this that or the other choice is best.  We can literally over think and dissect a situation  making it all a bigger deal than it is to begin with and making ourselves crazy in the process.  

Writing out what or how we’re feeling can help us sort through it.  Letting it out can and just may help determine what is most important to you and what we you may be ready to let go of.  

happy writing.




quote by Julia Cameron


  1. Dear Amber-
    So happy to see you back up and running! Hope all is well with you- I would love tor to reconnect with you in the near future- So much has taken place since we last saw each other! My email is msartdimos@gmail.com / and please check out our new venue- @ www. Dimosarts.com (Dimse School of Intuitive Arts) -I think you will enjoy it!
    Stephani Dimopoulos

    • Hello ! So great to hear from you, I’d love to connect and hear what you’re up to. And I’ll definitely check out the venue. thank you for sharing Stephani.

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