What is Ojas?

Ojas is known as our vigor, our power.  Ayurveda teaches it is our immunity, our vitality, our luster.  The extra umph we feel when we’re taking care of ourselves and it is strong. When ojas is low we can feel weak, anxious and unstable and when ojas is high we are confidant and exude that luster.

Ojas is actually what is left over after all that we consume and how we live is digested through our tissues.  Ojas is built when we are rejuvenating rather than pushing ourselves too far.

Some ways our ojas can become depleted …..

~ anything in excess, anything.  Work, stress, exercise, computer/screen time, sex, worry/anxiety or not enough sleep

~ an improper diet.  Excessive alcohol, caffeine or processed foods, too many raw or overly cold foods or too many out of season foods.

~ too many canned foods or reheated leftovers

~ overall sadness, irritability or anger.  Those that are always annoyed by people or things in their lives or are angry a lot are likely taxing their ojas.

Ojas is strong when one is content, they have a good daily routine, good nutrition and time out in nature to name a few.  Ojas is low when one is feeling weak, anxious or unstable.   

Boost your ojas…..

~ by getting good quality sleep

~ keep a proper diet, eat with the seasons according to your dosha

~ move your body, and breath deeply

~ manage stress ….this is a big one because stress causes the body to breakdown

~ enhance ojas with organic whole milk or plant-based milk of choice

~ add ghee to your diet, in moderation…ghee is good for all 3 doshas and will help build ojas. You don’t need a lot of ghee or milk to build ojas, you should just supplement when needed.    

If you’re continually run down, weak, overly anxious or feeling dull look at your lifestyle and adjust accordingly. The best way to keep yourself healthy is to make it a lifestyle.  

I started a challenge of sorts for myself.  Actually more of a decision to dedicate myself to meditate and journal every a month… in an attempt to make it as a habit again.    

Meditating and journaling quiets the mind and helps one work through all the many thoughts that consume us.  A great form of stress management as well as exercise, music, laughing and getting out in nature.

take a look and see what may be something you could add to your day, and make a new habit.     




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