you + me

Imagine an uninterrupted flow of bright, buzzy energy, creating a renewed vitality throughout your whole life-loving being.

Or a silky feeling of a calm happiness draping your senses, invigorating your outlook on life.

And maybe even some uncontrollable giggles as you play in the sun, a warm breeze in your hair, brushing past a daffodil and remembering why it’s so darn good to be on this earth.

But it’s not just good to be on this earth—it’s good to be you, all around.

Or it will be, anyway.

Once you learn how to stop feeling so tired, so anxious, so congested, so uncomfortable in your own skin. Because if you’re feeling that way, it’s because your body’s processes are out of balance—and it’s causing obstacles to your optimal you.

Ayurveda is a powerful system that can remove those obstacles and help your body restore balance—and get you feeling the way your body aches to feel. The way the demands of your daily life need you to feel. The way you want to feel.

Through diet, massage, meditation and lifestyle changes, Ayurveda will not just return your body to a blissful balance—it can provide you with the knowledge of how to keep your body in that state of balance.

That said, what works for you will be different from what works for anyone else—truth. In fact, what works for you one season may not work the next because of the ever-changing state of our bodies—those beautifully fickle things. An Ayurveda assessment can identify exactly where your body is out of balance right now, and develop a treatment plan to address that imbalance specifically.

After experiencing how Ayurveda helped me discover what my own body needed, I was sold on what it can do for my clients. I’ve been thrilled to work with many clients—both one-on-one and in group workshops—and through their feedback, I now offer the most popular, and most often needed, packages. Empower your body to correct its natural balance through an Ayurveda treatment customized just for you.

Sit back. Relax. Breathe deep. And get ready.


Your Ayurveda Evaluation   

We meet (in person, phone or Skype) for approximately 90 minutes during which time you will receive a full Ayurveda evaluation. You will tell me your concerns, goals, history and greatest hope and desire from this experience. If we’re face to face you’ll also get a pulse reading which will confirm my determination of your dominant dosha. I then compile all the information gathered from our meeting, devise a starting point and draft a plan to help you reach your goals.

What you will receive from your Ayurveda evaluation:

  • Determination of your dominant (and secondary, if applicable) dosha
  • What that means for you
  • The best/least favorable foods for you and your dosha
  • A diet plan
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Any other pertinent ideas for your success such as color therapy or aromatherapy cues
  • My continual support + contact via email

Within one week of our initial meeting you will have your report in hand and be on your way to a you that you wouldn’t even recognize yet. The you that’s waiting.


The Four-Month Immersion  

A little hand holding sometimes makes all the difference for long-term success. With the Four-Month Immersion you’ll get a personal holistic health coach at your ready increasing your odds of achieving optimal balance for the long-term. This immersion includes your Ayurveda evaluation listed above, as well as three follow-up sessions with me over the subsequent three months. This is when we tweak, add to, adjust and ramp up your personal plan setting you up for even greater success. We have approximately four weeks between sessions to gauge how you are feeling with the recommendations and make changes as needed to take you to the next level.
What you receive with the Four-Month Immersion:

  • Your Ayurveda evaluation
  • Recommendations based on your dosha, the season and any areas of concern
  • Your own private Pinterest board with personally chosen resources for you at your fingertips
  • Three 30-45 minute follow-up sessions (in person, phone or Skype)
  • Miscellaneous resources and recipes to assist you
  • Continual support + contact via email

9 Months Back to You               

My newest and most exciting offer! This program was developed because my clients were requesting MORE.  More guidance, more time together, more help with accountability as they work towards their most vibrant selves.  The 9  Months Back to You program gives us the time and ability to stretch beyond  lifestyle and nutritional needs and delve into deeper waters utilizing sound therapy, aromatherapy as well chakra cleansing practices as needed.

This program includes your Ayurveda evaluation, eight follow up sessions over the subsequent eight months as well my seasonal cleanse of the season (Spring/Fall).

What you receive with the 9 Months Back to You program:  

  •  Your Ayurveda evaluation
  • Recommendations based on your dosha, the season and any areas of concern
  • Your own private Pinterest board with personally chosen resources for you at your fingertips
  • Eight 30-45 minute follow-up sessions (in person, phone or Skype)
  • My Ayurveda based seasonal cleanse/reboot of the season (either Spring or Fall)
  • Miscellaneous resources and recipes to assist you
  • Continual support + contact via email

Continual support, guidance and accountability are crucial when you’re really ready to make a change or BIG changes which are why these programs have proven the most popular, because they are effective.  Upon completion I am always available to you via email or otherwise should you need me.


If you know you want to work together drop me a line and we’ll get you on the schedule.

Not sure if we’re a fit or have questions? Contact me and we can chat.

And on that note, a toast to your most vibrant self.

She’s waiting.